What’s the difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band?

Your wedding ring is an extremely important part of your marriage, who’d think lightly of the piece of jewellery they’ll likely be wearing the rest of their lives? To give you some inspiration for the perfect wedding ring we want to take you back a bit in history to see how wedding bands were born.


The wedding band

A man’s and a woman’s needs are quite different when it comes to jewellery. While a woman’s ring should in fact attract a lot of attention, a man’s will likely be more subtle to not risk being labelled too effeminate.

The distinction between a wedding ring and wedding band comes from these very different goals. A wedding band refers to a man’s ring which was void of gemstones and consisted solely of one metal. This metal was usually a precious one like gold or silver.

The wedding band becomes a diamond ring?

In recent history the distinction between a wedding band and a wedding ring is a lot less clear. Women have adopted the style of wedding bands for new ring designs including diamonds and other gemstones. Men’s rings can now be adorned with diamonds as well making wedding band sets an interesting option for matching wedding rings.

There is in fact no difference anymore between the words wedding band and wedding ring. However, the term wedding band is sometimes used to describe the more simple style of wedding rings based on the style of wedding bands compared to traditional ring designs that often focus on a single large diamond.

Wedding bands from Diamondland

Are you looking for a diamond wedding band? Then we’d like to give you some inspiration. First off we start with a very simple and elegant 18k yellow golden diamond wedding band. This wedding ring shows how far wedding bands have come from the often robust rings in the past.


A lot less simple is this 18k diamond wedding band in white gold. This wedding band is set with 7 brilliant cut diamonds for an impressive sight to say the least. The ring proves how far wedding bands have evolved from the simple rings we used to know!

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