A weekend in Antwerp: diamonds, architecture, arts and more!

Visiting Antwerp is a worthwhile experience. You can combine the purchase of diamond jewellery with a visit to one of the most interesting European cities. Diamonds, art, fashion, architecture and much more can be found in Antwerp, the diamond centre of the world.


Diamond history, present and future

A visit to the diamond museum for example is definitely a brilliant idea for someone who’s fond of the most precious gemstones on earth. There are diamonds on display, workshops and much more to satisfy the hunger of any diamond lover.

Of course you could visit the DiamondLand showroom as well to get the whole story from rough diamond to your engagement, wedding or anniversary ring while admiring the breathtaking collection we have to offer.

Antwerp and architecture, a match made in heaven

Of course there’s much more to experience than solely diamonds in Antwerp. If you plan on staying a weekend in the diamond centre of the world, you can’t miss out on a few major attractions. If you like architecture, you’re in for a treat. The Cathedral of Our Lady and  ’t Steen are two buildings that are certain to impress. The Béguinage as well is definitely worth a visit.

Are you more into museums? Then the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Fashion Museum MOMU and the Rubenshouse are the places to be. Art, fashion and the history of one of the world’s most famous painters can all be found in Antwerp!

DiamondLand helps you plan your trip

Do you want to learn more about the must-see sights in Antwerp? Visit our Belgium travel info page! The entire year there are many events, exhibitions and other attractions that will make for amazing holiday memories. To be fully prepared for a successful city trip you could use the city trip planner for Antwerp. With this tool you can easily find all major events taking place during your time in Antwerp so you won’t have to miss a thing.

Shop until you drop

For the shopaholics among us, we have a present later this week. We’ll discuss Antwerp from a shopping point of view. Luxurious boutiques of famous fashion designers for example will make your weekend even more fruitful, giving you the chance to find the perfect outfit to go with your brand new diamond jewellery.

Are you going to prepare your wedding by coming to Antwerp to look for the ideal wedding or engagement ring? Then you can take advantage of our special promotion. Buy your diamond ring with us and we’ll pay your hotelroom!


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