Wedding anniversary rings, the perfect opportunity to truly shine

Are you heading towards your golden or diamond wedding anniversary? Then a diamond ring is of course the perfect gift for your better half. But there’s no reason to tie yourself to tradition. An anniversary ring can be given at any point in your married life as a shining example of your feelings. Be it your first or your 60th, every wedding anniversary deserves to be special.

Which is the perfect symbol of your love?

A great gift is one from the heart. It’s therefore always better to give something personal to your beloved. The same goes for anniversary rings. To make your wedding anniversary as special as it can be you should try to figure out the style of ring she has dreamed of since childhood. Of course you’re not alone in your search; we’re here with some helpful suggestions.

True love is a rare find in today’s world. If you have discovered the one person in your life that completes you, it’s only logical you want her to feel as unique as she makes you feel. This 18k yellow golden ring with a marquise cut has a design like no other and will certainly make your darling shine like the star she is.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?“
This famous quote of Shakespeare applies perfectly to this eternity ring. Not only is the name perfect for an anniversary ring, but the simple, yet elegant style of this beautiful diamond ring will show your love without being flamboyant.

Roses are a meager offering on a wedding anniversary. An 18k white golden ring with diamonds in the form of a flower is a more appropriate gift for any girl or woman that loves nature. This ring will keep her love of flowers and plants close by wherever she goes.

Find the perfect match

You have found the perfect match in life, but perhaps our suggestions haven’t found you the perfect ring to go on her finger yet. You could have a look at our collection of diamond rings or better yet come visit us in Antwerp. You can take advantage of our engagement and wedding anniversary special and together we’ll find an anniversary ring worthy of her finger.

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