Wearing diamond jewellery is like art.

Diamonds are beautiful, but not everyone knows how to look the best they can with their diamond jewellery. We’ll give you a few tips to look stunning, without going that little step too far. Just like art it’s a matter of finding the right proportions, colours and shapes to create a true work of art.

Size matters when you’re talking about diamond earrings

Not sure whether or not you’d look your best with a pair of diamond earrings? There are a few simple rules you can follow to avoid going the wrong direction with your personal style.

If your height matches the current fashion, don’t hesitate and choose a pair of long dangling earrings. They’ll look perfect if you match them with smooth hair and a subtle necklace or a large bracelet.

If you happen to be slightly smaller than current fashion dictates, smaller earrings will look amazing. You can combine smaller earrings with a somewhat larger diamond pendant for a sophisticated look.

Less is more

Less is more might be a cliché, but it holds a great deal of wisdom when it comes to wearing diamond jewellery. The two pictures below show two extremes that prove the beauty of wearing no more than is necessary. Angelina Jolie looks absolutely dazzling with a rather simple black dress coupled with a pair of emerald earrings. Jewellery sometimes looks best when you can admire a single piece.

On the opposite side you have Queen Elizabeth II adorned with jewellery. This look should be avoided for anyone but royalty. While she looks impressive to say the least, too much jewellery will more often than not be perceived as unattractive.

Diamond rings

Your engagement ring, wedding ring and the diamond rings you received for a special occasion all hold a great deal of emotional value. It’s normal you choose to wear your diamond rings with pride. There’s, however, such a thing as too much pride.

A simple guideline for wearing diamond rings is to avoid wearing more than a single ring per finger nor should you have a gemstone on each finger to avoid overdoing it. Of course you should wear your favourite or most valuable rings on one of your forefingers to give it the spotlight it deserves.

Create your own style

Although these guidelines are a good place to start, your real goal is probably your own personal style. Cross lines and experiment to find the look that suits you the most and makes you feel confident. Check out our webshop for some amazing jewellery that will make your personal style come to life.


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