Uncommon diamond sizes | 2 carat diamond rings

Do you want to give a truly unique diamond ring to a loved one? Then you could consider going for a larger diamond size. Bigger isn’t always better they say, but in the case of diamonds it is in fact most often so. We’re not necessarily talking about 10 carat diamonds here, but 2 carat diamonds which are the ideal size to show off and still fit elegantly in a diamond ring.

2 carat diamond price

When you’ve decided to go the extra mile and pay for an exquisite 2 carat diamond ring, you’ll probably want to design the mounting yourself or at least have a large variety of choice. So why not look for the perfect 2 carat diamond based on your preference for shape and purity and let the ring design follow this choice?

For more information on mountings and the price of 2 carat diamonds you can always contact us. Because 2 carat diamonds are not as common as 1 carat diamonds we’ll only give 2 carat diamond prices on demand.

Two carat diamond size

We already told you a 1 carat diamond has a width of 6.5 mm in case of brilliant diamonds. For a 2 carat diamond a brilliant cut will add up to a total width of 8.2 mm! While the difference might not sound impressive, the larger size of the diamond makes an incredible difference in the perception of a piece of diamond jewellery.

2 carat diamond rings

In case you need a little illustration of some unique 2 carat diamond rings we’ll show you two possibilities from our webshop.

The first is a 2,85 carat diamond ring that has a single large brilliant cut diamond of 2 carat with a total of 0,85 carat brilliant diamonds on the band of the ring. It paints the perfect picture of how big a 2 carat diamond really is!

If you’re looking for a diamond with a carat weight of more than 2 carats but not necessarily focused around a single large diamond you’ll be most impressed with this 3,05 carat Italian design ring. This ring not only dazzles with the perfect Antwerp polished diamonds, but its shape as well is something to be in awe of!

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