Tips for buying a diamond
diamond in tweezers over a diamond certificate

You have decided to buy a diamond? Before rushing to the store, keep some things in mind! You don’t just buy a diamond before doing some homework. You don’t buy everyday loose diamonds for a rind, bracelet or necklace. Loose diamond stones are perfect to create diamond jewellery. Most people take their time to choose the perfect diamond.

Diamond: cut, colour, carat & clarity

Diamond cut

The cut of the diamond is one the most important parameters. You have the opportunity to choose between different shapes:

• Brilliant
• Oval
• Marquise
• Peer
• Heart
• Princess
• Emerald

Diamond colour

The choice of the diamond colour is very personal. Which is your favourite colour? Which colour resembles your personality? Which diamond colour matches with the rest of your wardrobe? Diamond specialists determine the colour of a diamond by comparing it to masterstones under an artificial light. Essentially, a diamond should be colourless. The colours range from yellow to brown shades. Coloured diamond stones (pink, blue and green) are very rare.

Diamond carat

Depending on your budget and your taste, you can also choose the size of the diamond. This is expressed in carat. 1 carat equals 0.2 grams. The heavier the diamond, the more you will have to pay for it.

Diamond clarity

Diamond specialists measure the clarity of the diamonds by the number of inclusions or imperfections of the stone. The various clarity grades indicate the visibility of internal and external imperfections. Consult an expert who can determine in an objective manner your diamond clarity.

Buying diamonds online: your wish list

Buying diamonds online is not always safe. Read reviews before you visit a diamond dealer or a diamond cutter. An online ‘diamond finder’ definitely can help you to make your choice. Here, you can select the shape, size, colour and purity of your diamond. In no time you get the desired copy on your screen.

Diamond certificates

A diamond certificate will give you all the information you need about the characteristics of your diamond. Thus, you can be sure of the value of your purchase. The Diamond High Council offers three certificates:

• The HRD diamond certificate
• The HRD diamond identification report
• The HRD colour certificate

The International Gemological Institute record analyses in the IGI Diamond Report. This guarantees the authenticity of the diamond and also provides information about the quality and other characteristics.

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