Tips for buying a diamond wedding ring: a life long diamond commitment

Are you planning to buy special wedding rings for your dream wedding? Diamonds are almost 100 % pure crystallised carbon and they are the hardest naturally formed substance beneath the Eart’s surface.  So a diamond wedding ring is a good option to take into consideration! Moreover, it is not for nothing that they are called ‘a girl’s best friend’. Before buying a wedding ring, there are some rules that you should follow to avoid a bad bargain.


A permanent symbol

This is definitely something you want to do right! Permanent jewellery has to be classy and timeless. Now, it would also be great if it reflects your personality. The difference between an engagement ring lies in the fact that you will wear it the rest of your life. You can buy a more excentric engagement ring with a pink diamond in a heart shape, but you will probably choose something more subtile for your wedding ring.

The four Cs

When you go to the diamond dealer you will need to have a notion of some diamond ‘vocabulary’. Start to read more about the four C’s: diamond cut, diamond colour, clarity & diamond carat. Make up your mind about this characteristics and inform yourself with any reputable jeweller.


If you don’t trust the opinion of the jeweller, you can request the diamond certifications. The most recognised are issued by GIA, and other popular ones are HRD, AGS or IGL.

The price of bling bling

Obviously, a diamond wedding ring is not cheap, but the exact price that you are willing to pay is a personal matter. The price depends on the diamond characteristics, and there are different budget categories available for everyone who wants to have a diamond wedding!

Diamond wedding ring collection

Take a look at our collection diamond rings! You can buy your favourite piece of jewellery and diamond rings online or at the Diamondland shop in Antwerp. In case that you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

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