The Royal Engagement Rings
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Aren’t we all looking for that one perfect engagement ring that will knock your partner’s socks off? Maybe your fiancée-to-be is really into royal rings. If so, we can’t blame her. These are all stunning engagement rings. If you want to surprise her with a ring she will love for sure, you can also opt for a Royal Engagement Ring. Here are the most famous ones:

The Diana

In February 1981, Charles (Prince of Wales) asked Lady Diana to become his wife. The engagement ring was stunning: an 18 karat white gold ring with a blue oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds. It was the engagement everyone was talking about. Even today, this ring is considered one of the most beautiful engagement rings ever made. In 2010, Prince William gave ring to Kate Middleton as her engagement ring. We have multiple versions of this ring in various sizes, for various budgets. Make your girl feel like a princess with the Diana Engagement Ring.

Lady Diana and her engagement ring

The Latest Trilogy

When I say Trilogy and you think about ‘Lord of the Rings’, you’re actually not that far off. The latest trilogy is, in fact, a ring. A little while ago, Prince Harry asked Megan Markle to marry him. The ring he gave her is called a ‘trilogy ring’. A three-stone diamond ring in a yellow gold setting. Women all over the world are currently going crazy over this very diamond engagement ring. If your girlfriend is always up-to-date regarding the latest trends, you can make her very happy with a similar trilogy ring.

Meghan Markle and her engagement ring trilogy

The Big Emerald

Many Royals and celebrities are spotted wearing a big emerald cut diamond ring. One of them is the late Princess of Monaco: Grace Kelly. Whether it is 1956 or 2018, the emerald cut is always in style. To this day, Grace Kelly’s engagement ring inspired many celebrities to opt for an emerald cut diamond ring as well. For example, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie and the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

Grace Kelly and her emerald engagement ring

The Eternal Love

An alliance or eternity ring is still a very popular engagement ring, including for the Royals. Prince Felipe (now king) of Spain asked news anchor Letizia to marry him with a beautiful baguette eternity ring. Instead of one large diamond like a solitaire, the eternity ring consists of many smaller diamonds all around the band.

Eternity band as an engagement ring

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If you are looking for a specific (engagement) ring, please contact us. At DiamondLand, many of the previously mentioned rings are standard in our large collection of diamond rings. It is even possible to have a ring custom made. We’ll help you make a choice that suits your personality and budget.

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The Royal Engagement Rings

Aren’t we all looking for that one perfect engagement ring that will knock your partner’s socks off? Maybe your fiancée-to-be is really into royal rings. If so, we can’t blame…


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