Spend your summer in Antwerp, capital of diamonds

Antwerp is an amazing city the whole year through, but in the summer Antwerp has even more to offer! Of course we could suggest the usual highlights of Antwerp like the Diamond Museum, discover the amazing architecture across the city, visit the MAS or shop from famous designers like the Antwerp Six, but these you can enjoy the whole year through. The following options are what will set the summer of 2012 apart!


The Diamond Wheel

When wearing diamonds it’s usually best to avoid overdoing it, when we’re talking about a Ferris wheel that represents a diamond, however, we do believe bigger is better. The Diamond Wheel is the world’s largest movable Ferris wheel and it will be placed on the Koningin Astridplein for the summer months. We already had a little preview the past few weeks when the Diamond Wheel arrived unexpectedly and the view is definitely amazing as is the Ferris wheel itself especially after dark due to the elegant lighting.


Diamond Sector of Antwerp

The location of the Diamond Wheel on the Koningin Astridplein is absolutely perfect for two reasons. First off it gives a great view of the city, but even more important is the proximity to many major attractions like the Diamond Sector of Antwerp, the Antwerp Zoo and the Diamond Museum. The Diamond Museum and the zoo are just a few feet away, while the Diamond Sector is within walking distance. Of course you can visit our showroom as well which by foot is only a few minutes away!

Summer of Antwerp

The “Zomer van Antwerpen” (Summer of Antwerp) brings even more life to the already vibrant city of Antwerp. All over the city you’ll be able to find festivals, concerts and even circus workshops for the kids. The program for this year will be available from June, so keep an eye on their website for more information.

Antwerp of course has much more to offer. For some more inspiration you can visit the Antwerp tourism site, which has many amazing opportunities. If you’re looking for some real diamond tourism however the Diamantantwerp tour will be absolutely perfect. This is a guided tour that consists of the Diamond Sector and an interactive visit to the Diamond Museum.

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