Sapphires: ruby red or blue

Sapphires are one of the most wanted gemstones all over the world, next to diamonds, emerald and rubies. They appear in different colours, clarity, size and cut and can be found in Australia, Thailand, East Africa, North America or Madagascar. If you are still looking for the perfect Christmass gift, jewellery with a sapphire gemstone will please every woman!

Sapphire colours

The most famous sapphire colour is red, which we call the ruby. However, the gemstone may come in different colours like blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange or green (because it can contain amounts of elements such as iron, titanium or chromium). The colour and the value of blue is one of the most important indicators that determine the value of the sapphire. The primary blue must be at least 85%. Also pink and ruby sapphires are valuable. They also appear colourless or with shades of grey or black. Sometimes they even change colour depending on the light or have a another colour on the inside and the outside.

Sapphire clarity

The clarity of the gemstone can be improved by special techniques: heating them up to 1700 degrees centigrade in air. This will remove inclusions and will improve the clarity and colour.

Famous sapphire shapes

Sapphires don’t come in every possible shape and some are more special than others. The most unusual is the star sapphire that causes a star-like phenomenon known as asterism. Such sapphires contain inclusions that exhibit a six-rayed star-shaped pattern. The largest star sapphire is the Black Star of Queensland with a weight of 733 carats, followed by the Star of India with a weight of 563,4 carats. 

Jewellerey with sapphires

Sapphires are used to make beautiful jewellery like necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings. Diamondland has an intriguing collection that combine diamond jewellery with sapphires. A must-have!

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