Sapphire engagement rings | Trust, fidelity and faithfulness

Sapphires have been loved throughout the ages. In medieval times they were the most popular gemstone among royalty. In recent days their spot as the most loved of all gemstones has been taken over by diamonds. Sapphire engagement rings might be an exception; they’re very popular for their profound meaning and royal history.


Meaning of sapphire rings


A sapphire represents truth, fidelity and faithfulness. These characteristics are exactly what you’re promising when proposing. This is one of the reasons a sapphire engagement ring is an excellent choice to show you are truly prepared to spend the rest of your lives together.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring


The most famous sapphire ring is probably Princess Diana’s 18-carat sapphire engagement ring. She picked out this amazing piece of jewelry herself for her engagement with Prince Charles in 1981. This choice shows that royals still love sapphire jewelry; the tradition clearly didn’t end in medieval times.

The same 18-carat sapphire ring that belonged to Princess Diana has now been given to Kate Middleton. Princess Catherine, as Kate Middleton is now known, received the ring from Prince William when he proposed to her.


Sapphire engagement ring style


Princess Diana’s choice might not have been completely unexpected, but it still created a shockwave on the market of jewelry. People around the world started to buy sapphire engagement rings. The vintage look of sapphire rings combined with modern techniques has created some exceptional masterpieces.

Sapphires are most often combined with white gold as the combination of blue and white creates an amazing contrast. Modern techniques expanded the world of possibilities for sapphire rings, but thankfully most of these techniques hold the traditional style of sapphire rings intact.

Sapphire rings in our webshop


The popularity of sapphire rings was at its peak in the 19th century. The same 19th century style is still often used in sapphire engagement rings today. Have a look at our engagement ring section for a diverse collection that ranges from modern diamond engagement rings to vintage sapphire rings!

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