Romancing the Stone: ask your girlfriends hand with a diamond engagement ring
Man proposing to girlfriend with diamond ring in box

Romance is in the air! Young couples choose again to marry. They follow the traditional rules and buy a unique engagement ring. Men often break out in cold sweat by the thought of finding the perfect diamond engagement ring for their future bride. Don’t run away: we give you the perfect wedding advice.

Marriage proposal

Years ago, an engagement was completely different: asking for a parent’s blessing used to be a standard part of an engagement, whereafter a big engagement party was organized. Today, men ask their girlfriend to marry in intimate spheres: during a weekend at the seaside, a romantic candlelight dinner or cozy evening. Clichés usually get the upper hand: roles are difficult to reverse. Men ask for the woman’s hand. Before you propose, you should have talked about the possibility of getting married! Don’t ignore hints!

Find the right diamond engagement ring

An engagement ring is a lifetime commitment, make sure it has the right colour and the right style! Women expect to receive a quality jewel with a unique stone. That trend is blown over from the U.S.: an engagement ring has to be a real eye catcher. But how to choose the perfect ring?

Choose a personalized engagement ring

Is your partner a quiet type? Does she like bright colours or minimalistic designs? Is she an eccentric person or a kitchen princess? Keep this in mind! Choose a diamond stone that resembles her style and personality. Do your homework and don’t go unprepared to the jewellery shop. Your true love deserves the most beautiful diamond ring.

Take a look at her daily jewellery

Watch into her jewellery collection to get ideas for your engagement ring. Copy the style of her daily earrings, necklaces and ring. Perhaps it is possible to take one or more pieces to the jeweler. This way, he can create a pièce unique!

Friends advice

Before sprinting to the diamond dealer, give a few calls to the best friends of your future bride. Undoubtedly, they could give you some style advice. They have probably already reviewed some engagement rings.

Budget friendly diamond rings

Diamonds could be pricey, however, you should figure out your own budget. On the other hand, an engagement ring is an important investment, so no problem to be generous!

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