How to recognise quality diamonds | Diamond clarity

Diamond quality is extremely important in choosing the perfect diamond jewellery. Not only will it have a significant impact on the price and value of the rings, pendants or earrings, it will also largely define their beauty.

The primary source of information on diamond quality is a certificate. Diamond certificates show a great deal of information on your precious stone so you’re certain of its value. You should avoid diamond jewellery without a certificate, not only is the quality uncertain but the origin of the diamond may be in question as well. Buying diamonds from conflict areas can be considered immoral and will limit your options to sell the diamond.

4 C’s for defining a diamond

The value of a diamond is a complex issue, but usually it’s represented by the 4 C’s: diamond colour, cut, clarity and carat weight. Our articles on the 4 C’s will explain everything you need to know to choose a quality diamond. Below we’ll expand on why diamond clarity is perhaps the most important factor in finding a quality diamond.

Diamond clarity

When a diamond has low diamond clarity, it will show imperfections visible to the naked eye. This means you can actually see internal flaws or blemishes on the stone, which take away from their radiance.

When buying quality diamonds you should opt for diamond clarity of at least VS2, which stands for very slightly included. This clarity grade nearly always guarantees a diamond that shows no imperfections to the naked eye.

If you want a diamond that even under 10x magnification shows no blemishes or inclusions of any kind, you’re looking for a flawless diamond. This type of diamond is extremely rare though, which means it has a much higher price attached to it.

Centenary diamond | The largest perfect quality diamond in the world

If we could say there is one perfect diamond in the world, it might be the Centenary diamond. This large 273.85 carat diamond has the highest diamond clarity grade: flawless. The Centenary diamond combines this flawless clarity grade with a color grade of D, which means it’s perfectly colorless as well. Making it one of the most impressive stones in the world.



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