Platinum jewellery is gaining on white gold jewellery


2012 might be a very good year for jewellery based on platinum. Many manufacturers of diamond jewellery are starting to use platinum for their rings instead of gold due to gold prices being quite unstable the past few months. But what exactly are the differences between platinum jewellery and white gold jewellery?


White gold jewellery

White gold is an alloy of two metals. In this case we’re of course talking about gold and a second, white metal. This second metal is often silver or palladium. White gold jewellery has a flaw though; the colour isn’t perfect white but rather a pale grey. To solve this issue nearly all white gold rings have a coating of rhodium to make them sparkle just right. Rhodium wears off though, so to keep a white gold ring in perfect shape you need to recoat it once every 12-18 months at a local jeweller.

Platinum jewellery

Platinum rings are often made of pure platinum (95%). Rings based on platinum are in fact perfectly white, making them far more durable than white gold rings. On the other hand are platinum rings more expensive than their white gold counterparts. Platinum is also a tad heavier than gold which can be felt when putting your perfectly white ring on your finger.

Platinum rings: a few examples

In our collection we have 2 exquisite platinum rings. Our platinum eternity ring is set with 15 brilliant cut diamonds, making it an impressive sight to say the least. We also have a platinum engagement ring that is sure to turn heads!

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