Pink diamond engagement rings and purple diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and we can’t deny they’re often quite fond of pink as well; the combination of the two is thus a favourite of many girls. This is illustrated by the various celebrities that buy pink diamond engagement rings for their fiancées.

David Beckham and Ben Affleck are just two examples of celebrities that have given pink diamonds to fiancées. Victoria Beckham received a 10 carat pink diamond ring with matching earrings while Jennifer Lopez received a 6 carat pink engagement ring from Ben Affleck. These engagement rings are worth several million dollars due to the rarity of pink diamonds.


Rare purple diamond rings


While pink diamonds are all the rage in Hollywood, purple diamond rings aren’t as common a purchase. This has little to do with the demand, however, but with the rarity of this particular diamond colour. There are very few purple diamonds known that are much bigger than a single carat, there are in fact no famous purple diamonds with historical significance.


There are only a few purple diamond rings that come to mind and the most famous might be the 8 carat purple diamond ring – worth over 4 million dollar – NBA star Kobe Bryant bought for his wife as an apology for infidelity. Many jewellers were and still are amazed at the size of this purple diamond; it might be one of the biggest purple diamonds mined so far. So it’s no wonder it cost over 4 million dollar!

Of course it could be an enhanced diamond instead of a natural one, meaning the colour and clarity were improved to make it appear more beautiful. This would greatly diminish the value and significane of the diamond ring.


Famous pink diamonds


While there are only a few famous purple diamonds, there are several famous pink diamonds that go beyond Hollywood and have been known for centuries. The most famous and largest known pink diamond is the Darya e Noor. This diamond has a rich history being part of Indian heritage for centuries before becoming part of the Iranian crown jewels.

Another famous pink diamond is also the most expensive diamond ever sold, namely the Graff Pink. It is perhaps not as ancient as the Darya e Noor but with a price tag of 46 million dollar due to its amazing colour and clarity it is the single most expensive diamond ever sold.


Grading a coloured diamond


For the traditional diamond every colour that is attached to it detracts from its value, especially imperfections in brown are quite unpopular. For coloured diamonds like purple and pink the same could be said. The more prominent the primary colour, like purple and pink, is compared to any secondary colours, the more valuable it will be.

Most purple and pink diamonds will have a hue in another colour like orange, grey or brown. This imperfection will make the diamond less radiant and thus reduce the value, but there is one exception. A pink diamond with a purple hue (purplish pink diamond) is more valuable than a normal pink diamond due to the rarity of purple diamonds.

Apart from hue there are two other factors that will influence the value of a coloured diamond the saturation and brightness. The more prominent the colour is in the diamond, the more valuable it is. So this is the exact opposite of colourless diamonds!

The Darya-Ye Noor for example has a less prominent colouring than the Graff Pink, so per carat it would be worth less. But with 182 carats the Darya-Ye Noor would still hold a greater value as would its rich history. For an extensive explanation of the value of the various pink diamond colourings you can watch the video below which explains the GIA’s grading chart for pink diamonds.

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