The perfect Christmas Diamond | A rare 3 carat diamond

It’s almost Christmas! Christmas is the coziest time of the year and we love to spend it with friends and family. But Christmas also means buying presents for your loved ones. Have you considered buying Christmas diamonds as a Christmas gift? You could even spend your Christmas holiday in Antwerp and combine buying Christmas gifts with a visit to the diamond center of the world.

3 Carat Christmas red diamond up for auction

Now you might be wondering: “What is a Christmas Diamond?” On December 10th, the Magnificent Jewels Sale will take place in New York and it has the perfect example of what a Christmas Diamond should be.

A very rare 3-carat red diamond will be one of the top lots at this auction. The red color and the beautiful shape of the diamond give an amazing Christmas feel to this rare gem.

It is the largest circular-cut fancy reddish orange diamond ever graded by the Gemological Institute of America. It is estimated to be worth $700.000 to $1.200.000. We are sure the buyer will have a merry Christmas with such a unique piece in their possession.

Buying Christmas diamonds in Antwerp

Of course, buying Christmas diamonds doesn’t have to be quite this expensive. Antwerp is the place to be if you are looking for a diamond gift for Christmas. Try to figure out what kind of diamonds your loved ones would like and come visit us in Antwerp to surprise her with a fabulous present. Of course, you can also order diamond online, we ship our diamond jewels free of charge to anywhere in the world!

Antwerp has a rich history when it comes to diamonds and we’d love to use this knowledge to help you find the perfect diamond jewellery. Aside from diamonds, there are of course many more amazing Christmas gifts to be found in Antwerp, like diamond shaped chocolates with the finest Belgian chocolate. Or you could just browse the Christmas market which gives the historic center of the city a festive feeling from December 8th until New Year’s Eve.

We hope to see you soon in our favorite city so we can wish you a Merry Christmas in person!


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