Pear shaped diamonds for fancy engagement rings and earrings

A pear shaped diamond has an interesting appearance. Their widest point is towards the top and it narrows down towards a point at the bottom. This diamond shape can, however, be adapted to the design of your jewelry; the length-to-width ratio is not set in stone so to speak. Some pear cut diamonds will be narrower, while others will edge more towards a wider design.

The Pear shaped diamonds are perhaps not the most popular of diamond shapes, but if you’re looking for a unique ring or breathtaking earrings, they’re definitely an excellent choice!

Pear diamond rings

In our opinion pear shaped diamonds look their best in solitaire rings; a single pear diamond is a perfect eye-catcher. Pear shaped engagement rings are therefore an excellent choice if you or your fiancé really want to let the world know how much you love one another.

Another reason why pear diamond rings are an interesting choice is the price. While round brilliant diamonds are the most popular cut, they’re also the most expensive. So the other diamond shapes are not only more original, they’re also cheaper per carat. For an overview of diamond prices you can take a look at our loose diamonds store.

Pear diamond earrings

The shape of a pear diamond lends itself perfectly to dangling earrings as well, just remember it takes a rather large diamond to be truly noticed.

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