Pavé setting – How to draw even more attention on your diamond jewelry

When buying diamond jewelry you of course want the gemstones to look their best. You could opt for a solitaire ring, focusing all attention on the center diamond. Pavé set diamonds do the exact opposite by adding many smaller diamonds together to obtain one large surface of diamonds.


Pavé setting


There are many ways to adopt the principle of pavé setting. One enchanting possibility is to start from a large stone and have it flanked by many smaller diamonds. This combination can enhance the fire of the large diamond and make it look even larger.

Another way of using pavé setting is to combine many small diamonds to cover the entire surface of a piece of jewelry. The diamonds are to be set so close together no metal shows, only the diamonds will be visible which is truly breathtaking as all you can see are rows of shining diamonds with no visible space between.



Bead setting


Pavé setting is a part of a larger group of stonesetting techniques called bead setting. This way of stonesetting places the stone directly into the metal. A hole is made and then a depression is made by a ball burr that matches the size of the gemstone exactly.

The stones are held together by 3 to 6 “beads”, which are little pieces of metal set between the diamonds to avoid them overlapping and keep them safe. When many diamonds are set close together to cover a surface this form of bead setting is called pavé setting.


Pavé set diamond rings


Pavé setting is often used combined with metals that match the color of the diamonds. For colorless and white diamonds white gold and platinum are the obvious choices. Especially white gold engagement rings are a popular option for pavé setting. With good reason pavé set diamond engagement rings might well be the most impressive piece of diamond jewelry you can give to your fiancée.


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