Oval shaped diamonds

Amongst the diamond shapes, the round brilliant diamond is by far the most popular. Next in line, however, is the oval shaped diamond. This diamond shape is ideal for a woman or girl with long, slender fingers to make her hand look even lovelier. It is therefore very popular for engagement and weddings rings. But pendants with oval shaped diamonds are a good choice as well to make the neck look slimmer.

Choosing the right diamond

When it comes to oval shaped diamonds, you have to be extra careful to pick a diamond of adequate quality. If the diamond isn’t cut right, you get the so-called ‘bow-tie effect’. This refers to an obvious dark spot on a diamond. This dark spot makes your diamond and jewellery look far less appealing.

Make sure to read our article about diamond characteristics to determine the ideal diamond for your needs. For an oval diamond we suggest at least a ‘good’ cut. If your oval shaped diamond suffers from the bow-tie effect, you’ll notice immediately. If you’re not certain, then it’s more than likely your diamond is fine.

Sapphires with an oval shape

Not only diamonds look great when they’re cut in an oval shape. Other gemstones do as well. In our Diamondlandselection we have some examples of sapphire rings set with diamonds on the side. The oval cut gives an impressive depth and colour to sapphires that’s sure to impress!

Do you have the perfect oval shaped diamond jewellery in mind? Check out our search page to find the price of our loose diamonds and contact us. Together we’ll create a custom-made piece of art that’s just perfect.

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