One carat diamonds

Buying gemstones, and in particular diamonds is a complex question. If you want to buy silver or gold, only the weight is a variable to consider the price price. The value of diamonds on the other hand depends on four factors: the cut, the clarity, the colour and the weight/carat. So the carat is just one factor. Basically, the a one carat diamond will be situated within a price range of anywhere between 4 000 and 25 000 dollars, depending on the other diamond characteristics.



What is a one carat diamond?

A diamond carat is a diamond with a weight of one fifth of a gram or 0.2 grams. According the standards, this is divided into points: 0.2 grams = 100 points, 0.1 = 50 points, o.4 grams = 200 point or 2 carats.

Don’t confuse the weight of a diamond with the diamond size. Often diamonds of the same weight have a different size, because they have a different density.

Often the abbreviation ct is used to refer to the weight of an single diamond. Ct TW is the carat total weight and refers to the weight of multiple diamonds in a diamond jewellery.

Be careful!

Diamond jewellery stores might put up one or two carat diamonds for sale. At first sight, this might be a good buy, but before you buy check the colour, the cut and the clarity of your purchase and ask for the diamond certificates.

What diamond carat do I prefer?

Before buying a diamond you might want to think about the carat of the diamond. In order to choose this, take some things into consideration:

          If you are on a strict budget, don’t choose a large carat weight

          Do you prefer a big diamond? Or rather a small and light diamond?

          What is the most important, the cut, colour, clarity or carat?

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