Nanodiamond Computer Chips

Diamonds are not longer only a girl’s best friend. A team of electrical engineers at Vanderbilt University is looking to diamonds to make computer chips wich can be used in harsh conditions such as radioactive environments and extreme temperatures. Moreover, their can function faster and better than silicon-based components.

They use thin films of nanodiamond to build bascic chip components like transistors and gates. Nanodiamond is produced by the detonation of a diamond blend.


When you think about diamonds, you make associations with words such as ‘expensive’ or ‘money’…but not in this case! The diamond chip designs are so small, that they don’t cost as much as ‘real’ diamonds. According to some professors, one carat of a diamond can produce around one billion of diamond chips. In sum: they cost less than one- thousandth the cost of a diamond jewel. And in fact, they are competitive with those made from silicon.

Nanodiamond devices

In order to operate well, the nanodiamond devices require vacuum packaging. This way, devices can be made by the same processes than devices based on other chips.

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