Modern rings | experimenting with mountings and diamond shapes

The shape of a diamond is extremely important in the overall look of your jewellery, but equally important is of course the material that’s used to set the stone in as well as the form of the mounting. Diamond rings often come in the traditional perfectly round form, but modern techniques make it possible for more complex mountings that will accentuate the diamonds even more and make your diamond ring stand out the brighter.


Modern diamond rings

Modern rings explore the many possibilities that modern techniques have brought us. Why should an engagement ring consist of a single diamond and have a round band? This sapphire and diamond ring for example doesn’t have a traditional round band, but instead uses a 19th century design that’s lifted to the next level by a high tech finish.

Some modern rings combine the traditional round ring design with a modern take. For example this pink golden ring with diamonds is made of bicolor gold (white and pink) and impresses with many smaller diamonds spread across three rows for a total of 0.72 carat. It’s shaped in line with the finest Italian design for a ring that truly stands out.





Modern diamond shapes

When it comes to diamond shapes there’s of course an obvious winner. The round brilliant diamond cut is by far the most popular diamond shape, but this diamond shape is in fact not that old. It was designed in the early 20th century and is thus a quite modern diamond cut. Of course we haven’t been sitting still the last 100 years, other diamond shapes have been created and some have become quite popular as well.

For example the princess cut is the second most popular diamond shape in the world. The princess cut was made in the 60’s and its use has risen dramatically the past few years. Its popularity is largely due to the large distinction between this often square cut and the traditional round brilliant cut.

Bicolor gold and platinum rings

A ring can also be considered modern by the materials it uses. For example bicolor gold is quite impressive, but a platinum engagement ring is even more so. Using platinum is also an amazing symbol for your love, platinum is a strong material that can withstand close to anything.

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