Marriage proposal ideas – with or without a diamond?

You have decided to start with a new episode in your life and want to ask ‘the’ question. A marriage proposal however isn’t simple. You don’t want to be disappointed or want to create the wrong expectations. Since you don’t propose your girlfriend every day, it must be something special and personal. If you don’t have a clue about the right timing, place or circumstances, we might give you a little help. Buy a beautiful diamond engagement ring and be inspired by our list of DIAMOND marriage proposal ideas. Good luck!

* For Food Lovers:

Candle light dinner always works, especially when your girlfriend loves food. Try to prepare a special dinner with forgotten ingredients and her favourite tastes. Make it a special evening by doing things that you usually don’t do: put candles on the table, buy sweet serviettes and serve her a glass of champagne. As a surprise you can put a shining diamond ring on top of tiramisu, chocolate mousse or ice cream coupe.

* For Advertising Lovers:

Why not proposing her with a billboard message? Invent an original baseline and let it publish on a big screen in the city or in the cinema. She’ll be completely blown away! Keep an engagement diamond ring in your pocket and hand it over to her when she sees the message.

* For Art Lovers:

Do you know an artist who can paint? Let him draw a portrait of your girlfriend wearing a diamond ring. If your future wife can appreciate some humour, you can even try to paint it yourself. Another option is to give her a piece of art with a diamond ring incorporated.

* For Words Lovers:

Does your future wife love to play board games? This is the perfect opportunity to ask her to marry you. While playing scrabble or another ‘word’ game you can only put words on the board which are related to a marriage: love, diamond, party, future, change, wedding cake, white dress, groom, etc.

* For Drama Lovers:

Does she like to go to the movies or the theatre? Create your own ‘bühne’ and play a romantic scene, like Romeo and Juliette. Do this properly and buy the right attributes, clothes and a beautiful diamond ring to propose her.

* For History Lovers:

It might be cliché, but it always works! Bring her to the place where you both met for the first time. Go back to the past and chat about ‘the good old memories’. At a romantic moment you can take her hand and put a ring around her finger.

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