Marquise cut diamonds and marquise diamond engagement rings


When you hear the word diamond, your first vision is probably that of a brilliant cut diamond. There are however many more diamond shapes to choose from. To name a few: the pear shaped diamond, emerald cut diamond and the marquise cut diamond. Today we’ll be taking a look at the latter, the marquise cut diamond.



Loose marquise diamonds

A look at our loose diamonds for sale shows that a diamond with a marquise cut is cheaper than a brilliant cut diamond of the same size, clarity and color. This could be said, however, of all diamond shapes apart from the round brilliant. A 1 carat marquise cut diamond with a clarity of VS1 and a color grade of E has a market value of about $7.750, while a round diamond with the same characteristics will go for about $12.500 at the moment.

The reason the round brilliant diamonds have a greater value is not because of greater beauty, it’s due to the larger demand. The round brilliant is the safe choice and therefore most people will choose this diamond shape. Of course this is an excellent reason to try something else and the marquise cut diamond is definitely different!

Marquise diamond ring

To illustrate this difference we’d like you to have a look at a golden ring from our diamond jewelry webshop. This 18k yellow golden ring is set with a marquise cut diamond. The ring itself has an interesting shape that’s made to accentuate the unusual diamond cut. You have to admit this beautiful marquise ring sure is special, yet simple and elegant. The perfect engagement ring that will truly impress any woman!


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