Loose diamonds for custom-made jewellery

Whether you are looking for a precious diamond as an investment or for your own unique custom-made diamond jewellery, Diamondland can certainly help you find the ideal diamond. Visit our search page for loose diamonds and you’ll be able to choose the diamond size, shape, color and clarity that define the ideal diamond for your needs.

Custom-made jewellery

A diamond present is always well-received. A diamond present that is tailor made will truly make your feelings clear. Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving the diamond ring or pendant they’ve always dreamt about knowing it’s a unique piece? It will show how well you know the person you care about and will prove beyond a doubt how special he or she really is to you.

On the path to a custom-made piece of jewellery you’ll start by finding the loose diamonds that fit the design you imagine. A first and extremely important decision is the size and shape of your diamond. These characteristics will define the look and feel of your diamonds and by extension your custom-made jewellery.

Diamond shape and size

For example you could choose a single large diamond instead of several small ones. Both finished pieces will look astonishing, but at the same time very different. Obviously the same could be said for the shape of a diamond. A heart cut is ideal for the romantic souls amongst us, but others may prefer the classic round brilliant cut. It’s important to find the diamond or diamonds that will fit your image of the perfect piece of jewellery to a tee.

For any questions or advice you may have about the perfect loose diamond or diamond setting you may always contact us. Together we’ll make a piece of jewellery that’s certain to please.

Inspiration from our webshop

If you want to know the realm of possibilities for your very own diamond jewellery design, you can always take a look at our webshop. An example of very different diamond size can be found in the following two diamond rings. The first shows a ring made up of many small diamonds, each diamond having a brilliant cut. The second diamond ring has asingle large princess cut diamond combined with a few smaller round and square cut ones. These rings prove just how far you could go with your very own custom-made jewellery and at Diamondland we will aid you along the way

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