Are you looking to buy perfect diamonds?
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Diamonds are a perfect gift for any occasion: engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, etc. With a diamond, you can’t be wrong!

Diamonds are also considered as a safe investment, today more than ever. Between 1999 and 2011, the price of large three-carat diamonds increased by 144%, while five-carat gems soared 171%. Even standard one-carat diamonds have produced an annual return of 11,6% in the past five years. Now seems a good time to invest in diamonds. How can you find a perfect diamond that will guarantee a good return on investment? Find out more about the characteristics of a perfect diamond!

The value of a diamond: the 4 C’s

The price of a diamond is ultimately based on the 4 C’s : colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

  • Colour : When rating the colour of a diamond, jewelers commonly use the letters D through Z. The rating D represents a diamond that is colourless through to the rating Z has a yellow or brownish hue. As a rule, the closer a diamond is to colourless, the more valuable and beautiful it is.
  • Cut : Many people make the mistake of thinking that cut means the shape of the diamond. The cut actually refers to how many well-proportioned facets are in the stone. A well-cut diamond – regardless of its shape, sparkles and offers the greatest brilliance.
  • Carat : Carats refer to the weight of the diamond.
  • Clarity : Clarity is an indication of the purity of the diamond. Diamonds frequently have inclusions, or small flaws, air bubbles, scratches, or other minerals inside the diamond. The fewer inclusions a diamond has, the more valuable and beautiful it is.

Diamond certification

If you want to buy a diamond as a gift or to make an investment, always make sure you buy a certified diamond. If a diamond isn’t accompanied by an internationally recognized certificate like those from the Diamond High Council (HRD) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI), you can’t be sure of its origins or authenticity. A diamond certificate or diamond grading report, is a complete evaluation of your diamond describing objective factors, both qualitative and quantitative, and an almost infinite combination of all of the variables, based on the 4 C’s (cut, clarity, colour, and carat), measurements, and physical properties.

white diamond The Paragon
The example of a perfect diamond: the Paragon

The Paragon is the 10th largest white diamond and one of the largest flawless diamonds in the world. Weighing 137.82 carats, the gem was mined in Brazil and attracted attention for being an exceptional white, flawless stone of great size. The Paragon diamond is a part of a stunning necklace owned by the Graff salon on London’s New Bond Street. Apart from the main stone, this necklace also contains rare pink, blue and yellow diamonds making a total weight of 190.27 carats.
The Paragon necklace collar

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