Italian design: white golden, diamond necklace

Like everybody knows Italy is recognized for its fashion, interior an automobile design. Italy is a world trendsetter and has the best and most famous designers. So if we say that we offer a beautiful Italian designed necklace, you know it is one of the best you can get! Italian design stands for quality, standard and permanency.

Brighten up with Italian design

If you are looking for the perfect jewel on these summer days, this Italian beauty is probably something for you. This beautiful white golden Italian necklace will brighten up your evening gown. The necklace has 1.53ct diamonds set in an 18k whit golden necklace. It has a brilliant cut and has a Very Small Inclusion.

Matching diamond jewellery

You are looking for a matching ring? The white golden solitaire will make your outfit complete. The ring has the ultimate 1.52ct brilliant cut solitaire with the very best light reflection. Match this sparkle with the Italian design necklace and everybody will be amazed!

You are not the ring-kind-of-type but still want to match the astonishing Italian necklace with a beautiful jewel? You may choose the white golden diamond bracelet. This bracelet with bezel setting will make the diamonds look bigger. It’s streamlined sparkle makes it easy to wear every day.


Eye catching Italian design

Either you choose, the jewellery will make you ‘shine like a diamond’. Especially the Italian design necklace is a real eye catcher. While wearing this Italian beauty there will be no one who doesn’t please the jewel. With this diamond necklace you can show your good taste and eye for detail! 

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