Travel to Antwerp

Antwerp is easily accessible from all parts of the continent. It is connected to the main European motorways.

  • E34 Antwerpen-Eindhoven
  • E19 Antwerpen-Breda-Amsterdam
  • E17 Antwerpen-Kortrijk-Lille-London ( via Calais )
  • E19 Antwerpen-Brussel-Paris
  • E313 Antwerpen-Luik-Aachen-Köln

Distances :

  • Amsterdam: 144 km
  • Lyon: 810 km
  • Basel: 584 km
  • Mannheim: 422 km
  • Bonn: 221 km
  • Metz: 317 km
  • Duisburg: 177 km
  • Milano: 969 km
  • Düsseldorf: 200 km
  • München: 778 km
  • Frankfurt: 395 km
  • Nancy: 368 km
  • Hannover: 442 km
  • Nürnberg: 616 km
  • Karlsruhe: 485 km
  • Paris: 343 km
  • Köln: 204 km
  • Rotterdam: 100 km
  • Lille: 123 km
  • Strasbourg: 473 km
  • London: 390 km
  • Stuttgart: 552 km
  • Luxembourg: 251 km
  • Wien: 1216 km

how to go to antwerp


Antwerp is only 40km from Brussels International Airport.

A direct shuttle bus brings you from Brussels International Airport to Antwerp in only 30 minutes. This shuttle service stops in Antwerp and its vicinity.

Antwerp is only 7km away from Deurne Airport

VLMs takes you to several European cities from Deurne Airport. There is a direct connection between Antwerp and London-City Airport.

Charleroi Airport (Brussels South Charleroi) is only 120km away.

Low fares airline Ryanair takes you to most European cities. A shuttle bus takes you from Brussels Midi Railway to Brussels South Charleroi and back. Every 30 minutes a train leaves from Brussels Midi to Antwerp Central Station. DiamondLand is only 5-minute walk away from the station.

Photo by Wouter Hagens (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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