Historic Diamond Prices | Diamonds are forever

Since the 19th century, the popularity of diamonds is rising. With this increasing popularity, the prices also rose. Diamonds are forever and really valuable! Though it’s hard to determine a standard price for ‘diamonds’. There is no price per carat or gram, there never was. The prices vary depending on a diamond’s carat, colour, clarity, and cut. So every diamond has its own unique value.

The historic diamond price fluctuation

Keep in mind that every diamond is different and also has a different price. When we compare prices, it’s an average price for diamonds with the same properties (4C’s). The increasing popularity of diamonds caused increasing prices. But that’s not bad, on contrary. Diamond prices are sensitive to economic events. So when the economic crisis, late 2008, started the diamond price note a dip. This means: when the economy recovers diamond prices will rise again. Since 2010 the prices are rising again after a stability of a few years.

Diamonds based on trust

The diamond industry is based on trust. Suppliers need to gain the investors trust. This trust can be earned by a good cooperation and the necessary diamond certificates.

Diamonds are forever

Diamonds are an attractive investment. They are never ‘dead money’. Diamonds can be an acceptable alternative investment for short-term wealth maintenance and a long-term wealth building strategy. Besides, you should never underestimate the attraction value of a pure beauty like a diamond. The buyer is not only attracted to the value of the product, but also to its beauty. Like I said before: every diamond is unique!

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