Heart shaped diamond rings, pendants and earrings

Love is a word that relates closely to diamond jewelry; but sometimes you want your feelings to be crystal clear. That’s when heart shaped diamond jewelry shines the most, when it’s used to show just how much you care for someone.

There are two very different types of heart shaped diamond jewelry. First off you have diamond pendants, earrings and rings that hold the form of a heart in their design. A second type is the famous heart cut for diamonds.

Heart cut diamonds


A diamond can be cut in many ways. While the brilliant cut is by far the most popular there is an interesting variation of the brilliant diamond shape, the heart cut. Like the name suggests the shape of this diamond cut is of course that of a heart.


But this diamond cut isn’t defined exactly; the length-to-width ratio leaves some room for personal taste. Some people will prefer a heart that looks a bit more slender, while in other designs a wider cut will look so much better. The length-width ratio of a traditional heart shaped diamond lies around 1, anything in the 0,9 – 1,1 range can be considered a classic heart cut diamond.

Heart shaped diamond rings


Do you want a beautiful hear shaped diamond wedding ring or engagement ring? Then don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also look at our loose diamonds section to see how much a heart cut diamond costs. Just remember you have to find the perfect mounting as well!

Heart shaped diamond pendants and earrings


For pendants and earrings a single heart cut diamond wouldn’t be large enough to catch the eye or be too expensive. For example the rare and famous blue diamond Heart of Eternity is just large enough to be worn as a necklace and is estimated to be worth more than 16 million dollar.

Instead the design of the pendant or earrings is made in the shape of a heart set with brilliant cut diamonds. This way it’s both beautiful and affordable. A pair of white golden heart shaped earrings for example will cost just over €2000.

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