Gold and diamond bracelets for women: a symbol of respect

While a diamond ring is the symbol of love and commitment, other pieces of diamond jewelry have their own meanings as well. A diamond pendant for example derives its meaning from its shape; a pendant with a heart represents love, but the options are far more diverse. A diamond pendant with a pearl can imply distinction, while various religious symbols can be used as well to show ones faith.

A gold and diamond bracelet is not a piece of diamond jewelry that will catch the eye like a pendant would, nor does it have the meaning a diamond ring has. It’s a more strategic choice for fashion and an excellent gift for the sophisticated girl or lady when you don’t want to imply a life commitment yet.

Gold and diamond bracelet

The choice of the right diamond and gold bracelet depends on the outfit it should go with. A yellow gold and diamond bracelet might go extremely well with a summer style outfit; it would however clash with several colors like some shades of green for example.

White gold and diamond bracelet

While yellow gold makes the diamonds pop out, white gold forms a wonderful synergy with colorless or white diamonds. This synergy makes it less strong of a fashion statement, which means you can combine it with a larger range of outfits.

Diamond bracelets: how to wear them?

There are a few fashion rules for wearing diamond jewelry, diamond bracelets are no exception. First of all bracelets should be worn on the right hand. When the diamond bracelet has a single diamond as its center, don’t let it dangle as it would look sloppy rather than sophisticated. When the diamond bracelet doesn’t have a single large diamond, but rather consists of several segments, it’ll most often look best when it’s not worn too tight.

With diamond bracelets you can bring your personal style to any outfit, but when it comes to diamonds you shouldn’t combine too many styles and colors. A single diamond bracelet can make a powerful statement, too many will in fact lessen your overall style. There’s however a trend that allows more than one bracelet to be worn at a time.

Other diamond trends 2012: cuff bracelets

2012 brings with it a few diamonds trends, for diamond bracelets the cuff style is due for a breakthrough. For more diamond trends read our article Diamond Trends 2012.

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