The fifth C: a diamond certificate

When buying diamonds you should always look at the 4 C’s: colour, carat, cut and quality. There’s, however, sometimes a fifth C mentioned: the diamond certificate. To prove the value and authenticity of your gems, you’ll need a certificate of a trusted institution. Especially when buying loose diamonds you’ll require a certificate if you intend on selling your diamonds at their full value at a later time.

Diamonds, not jewellery, are certified

When buying diamond jewellery you have to remember that it isn’t the rings, earrings or pendants that are certified, but rather the diamonds within. So when buying diamond jewellery online, be sure to remember to check if a certificate is provided, if they’re not you should proceed with extreme caution.

The value of a certificate

When buying jewellery a certificate is important, but it’s a certificate of a trusted institution that has true value. Our loose diamonds come with a HRD certificate from the Diamond High Council, IGI certificate (International Gemmological Institute) or the american company GIA certificates.

The diamonds in our diamond jewellery are certified by DiamondLand.

A certificate is not an appraisal!

While a certificate determines the value of a diamond for a large part, it’s not the complete picture. Certainly for diamond jewellery you shouldn’t consider certificates the only measure for value. When buying or selling diamond jewellery with a partner you don’t trust fully, always ask for a professional appraisal.

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