Famous 35 carat diamond sold for $9.7 million at Sotheby’s auction

Geneva knows many diamond auctions during spring. Last week a historical diamond named the Beau Sancy was up for a Sotheby’s auction and was sold for more than double the estimated value!


Historical diamond – Beau Sancy


The 34.98 carat diamond named Beau Sancy was once owned by Marie de Medici who wore it at her corronation as Queen consort of Henry IV in 1610. Marie de Medici was so in love with this diamond that it was mounted at the top of her crown

It was then sold among many of the European royal families throughout its 4 centuries of history. Its was owned by royalty in France, England, the Netherlands and ended up in the ownership of the Royal House of Prussia.

Last week it left royal hands for the very first time to be sold to an anonymous bidder who paid the impressive amount of $9.7 million. This price is much higher than the estimate due to a bidding war between 5 distinguished collectors. It’s no wonder this diamond has such a large demand, who wouldn’t like to hold a piece of royal history in their hands?

A unique diamond


Do you wonder about the origin of the name of the Beau Sancy diamond? You can watch the movie of Sotheby’s below which reveals quite a bit of information.

Apart from its rich history this movie also focusses on the unique cut of the diamond which features many triangular facets, something that is rarely seen and never for such a large diamond. This combination of royal history and unique cut make the Beau Sancy one of the most impressive diamonds we’ve seen.

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