Ever wondered how the GIA goes about grading a diamond? [Video]

A certificate is the most important factor in defining the value of a gemstone. A diamond certificate is issued by independent institutes like the Diamond High Council (HRD) International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the international GIA.

The certificate is usually built around the 4 C’s: clarity, colour, carat weight and cut, but you can also get more detailed reports when necessary.


Gemological Institute Of America

It’s the GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) that invented the 4 C’s as a way of grading diamonds. This is one of the reasons the GIA is held in such high regard in the world of diamonds! As a result of this recognition many famous diamonds were entrusted to their care for the grading process, for example the Heart of Eternity was rewarded the colour grade of fancy vivid blue by the experts of the GIA.

How the GIA grades a diamond

In the video below the GIA explains how they go about the grading process. It’s an interesting watch for anyone who’s interested in buying or selling diamonds … and everyone who is just interested in diamonds!

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