Engagement ring styles | Traditional solitaire or do your prefer modern rings?

Buying an engagement ring is a daunting task, you have to consider the 4 C’s, your budget and most of all your wife-to-be’s taste. The latter is not that easy to guess as you might think, the amount of possibilities the world of jewellery has to offer is overwhelming.

Just as diamonds have different shapes and varying quality, the setting has its defining characteristics as well. You could go for the traditional solitaire ring which holds a single stone and focusses all attention on that one point.

On the other side of the engagement ring spectrum you have options that use several diamonds to create a subtle variation of the traditional ring styles or even completely different effects that sometimes prove to be even more dazzling.

Solitaire rings


Let’s start with the most popular engagement ring style: the solitaire ring. The most common version is in either white or yellow gold with a single diamond. This simple ring holds a large amount of class. To really make it catch the eye, however, you’ll probably want one with a large diamond.

The diamond shape to use with a solitaire ring is usually the round brilliant. There is an amazing amount of round brilliant solitaire rings around so you’ll have plenty of choice. Some other diamond shapes that go well with solitaire rings are the marquise cut and the princess cut.

For example this modern ring with a marquise cut diamond gives a complete facelift to the traditional solitaire.

Side stones


You could go for a subtle variation of traditional engagement rings by adding side stones. Several smaller diamonds set in a ring make it look even more impressive. This is a matter of taste though, do you want the engagement ring to dazzle or be simple yet elegant?


Trilogy rings


Like the name implies trilogy rings contain three diamonds. These diamonds are set one next to the other so you get a large surface of diamonds on one side of the ring. Usually the middle one is a bit larger than the two on the sides to give a focal point to the engagement ring.

This ring holds a lot of sentiment. The three diamonds signify “past”, “present” and “future” or for the romantics they mean: “now”, “forever” and “always”. This sentiment of staying together is an excellent choice for an engagement ring.


Entourage ringsEntourage-ring


An entourage ring is something completely different compared to the traditional engagement ring styles. A popular version of an entourage ring is one with a large surface of diamonds shaped like a flower. Combining diamonds in such a way that both the shape and fire will stand out perfectly.

Choosing an engagement ring


For a selection of our engagement rings you can visit our diamond jewellery webshop. Do you want to choose the ring in person? Then we have an amazing offer in store for you.

While you might think choosing an engagement ring is something that should be done alone, it’s often best to take this decision as a couple. That way you know she’ll be perfectly satisfied with the ring and you can turn your trip to our diamond showroom into a romantic ho

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