Emerald cut diamonds | Cool as ice with an art deco twist

Each diamond shape has a meaning and style derived from its history and form. A round brilliant cut, for example, is the classical choice for those who like tradition. If you want to stand out and don’t mind some glamour, then the emerald diamond cut might be a far better fit!

A diamond shape as clear as ice

To best describe a white or colorless emerald cut diamond you can think of ice. Thanks to the large table and lean facets the diamond is nearly perfectly transparent. This makes an emerald cut ideal to show off a diamond with high clarity!

We do have to admit that this focus on clarity slightly diminishes the diamond’s brilliance compared to the round brilliant diamond shape. Whether this is an issue is a matter of personal taste. Some might prefer their ring to shine; others prefer the simple elegance the emerald diamond cut provides.

Art deco ring

The emerald cut was created during the art deco period, this makes an emerald cut diamond a perfect basis when looking for an art deco ring. Not all art deco rings use emerald cuts, however. The period is defined by a large variety of forms from simple bands to complex cocktail rings using a variety of diamond shapes.

Buying an emerald cut ring

Emerald cut diamonds are less common than the popular round brilliant. This gives you a smaller choice, but it also means there is less demand. This makes the diamond price per carat cheaper for an emerald cut! To find the perfect emerald cut diamond you’re always welcome in Antwerp’s largest diamond shop where we have our full collection on display.

If you choose to visit our store in Antwerp you can also benefit from one of our diamond professionals to guide you through the world of diamonds with advice tailored to your personal preferences.

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