Diamonds as investment – Financial information

Historically the price of diamonds has been increasing in a very orderly way, expressed in purchasing power equivalents. In times of very high inflation it has easily proved to be one of the most reliable investment products on earth. Expressed in continued debased fiat money it can be considered as an important way to diversify your portfolio. However the most important issue is to have access to reliable sources right at the World Diamond Center in Antwerp, Belgium.

The world’s wholesale center in Antwerp is the place where 80% of the world’s rough diamond supply is put on the market and 60% of the world’s cut diamonds are traded. Buying from Antwerp directly is therefore a must.

Historically  the investment grade diamonds, covering diamond above 1 carat in the higher colors (from D to G) and in the higher clarity grades (from Loupe Clean to V.S. – very small inclusions).  International gemological certificates from either I.G.I. (Antwerp), H.R.D (Antwerp) or G.I.A (New York) are an absolute necessity.

For investment purposes it may be wise to have the diamonds sealed. Prices of diamonds have increased significantly lately and are expected to continue to increase just as gold, silver and other tangible assets.

If you ask for price quotations beware that quotations will only be valid for a few days. In addition to the price issue, diamonds in Antwerp’s wholesale center have a very short “shelf life” and therefore a diamond  that is offered to you will only be available to you for maximum a few days.

Non EU-residents can have  the Belgian VAT refund totally upon exporting the stone personally outside the EU. The invoice needs to be stamped at the last airport before leaving the EU.

Diamondland, the largest diamond showroom in Antwerp, the diamond city, has served 10.000’s of clients from every country of the planet in its 30 years of existence. As a matter of fact 99% of its diamonds are exported world wide.  Acquiring diamonds from a reliable source is a condition sine qua non for a good investment.

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