Diamondland: more than bling bling!
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Diamondland is the reference for everything that has to do with diamonds. Are you looking for a unique stone or a valuable gift for your girlfriend or mother? Then you are at the right place. Diamonds are more than ‘bling bling’: the unique and precious stones are carefully manufactured by the most skilled diamond smiths.

History Diamondland

The history of Diamondland started in 1983 when a prestigious large diamond showroom opened in the middle of the diamond center in Antwerp. Soon, visitors came from all over the world to buy certified diamonds, diamond rings, diamond necklaces or loose diamonds. Moreover, their exquisite service became famous in different countries.

Exclusive diamonds

Visitors can buy their diamond jewelry and diamonds directly at the source. Diamondland displays more than 1500 pieces of jewelry: diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, …

People can also buy loose diamonds and they can decide how the diamond should be mounted into a ring or other piece of jewelry. You can ask our professionals about the color, the form or the size.

Diamond cutters

You will have the possibility to see how diamond cutting works. It requires specialized techniques, knowledge and tools. Diamond cutters will show you the whole process: planning, cleaving, bruiting, polishing and final inspection. Of course, every process is different, depending on the size and the quality of the rough stones. We could also offer you a tour in Antwerp, here you will learn everything about diamonds and the Antwerp diamond district.

Contacts Diamondland

‘Cut in Antwerp’ is not just an international label. It marks diamond jewelry of the highest quality. Diamondland collaborates very closely with the Diamond High Council, the Belgium Federation of Tourism and other institutions that observe and protect the diamond industry.

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