Diamond wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary should always be something special, some years are just worth that little bit extra. The diamond wedding anniversary is definitely one of these special moments. But when exactly is the diamond anniversary?

It really depends on who you ask, but in recent times the 10th wedding anniversary is the first milestone that is rewarded the title of diamond wedding anniversary. More traditional couples will probably wait for their 60th and 75th anniversaries, but for most of us that’s a long ways off!

Modern diamond wedding anniversaries

The 10th wedding anniversary is, however, not the only notable year worthy of the diamond title in modern days. Also the 30th anniversary has been awarded the same name; as well as every 5 years from your 75th anniversary onwards, with a 100th wedding anniversary being the 10 carat diamond wedding anniversary!

Sadly most of us won’t reach the 10 ct mark, luckily perhaps since that’s a lot of carats! But a 10th wedding anniversary is something that many wedded couples reach, for all these happy spouses we’ll suggest a few dazzling anniversary rings!

Inspiration for a diamond anniversary ring

Are you looking for something elegant and special, but not too distracting? Then this 18k white golden ring with 0,72 ct diamonds is a great inspiration. This white golden entourage ring with 0,7 ct diamonds stands out in a crowd compared to the previous example, but if you truly want to dazzle you could look at an Italian design ring. But a diamond wedding anniversary is truly something special, so a custom-made anniversary ring would be an amazing symbol of your love.

If you buy a diamond ring at Diamondland for your engagement or wedding anniversary, you can take advantage of a special offer. So make sure to visit us in Antwerp for an unforgettable trip!





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