Diamond tiara’s | a splendid world of luxury

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this is no secret. We also know no other piece of diamond jewellery could beat an engagement ring or wedding ring in sentimental value.

There are, however, a few pieces of jewellery that will definitely make a woman feel special; a tiara being one of the more prominent examples.


Unique diamond jewellery for special occasions

Whether it’s the first prize in a beauty pageant or a gift from a loved one, a tiara is indeed a unique present that will make you feel like a young girl again! Now any kind of tiara is special, however, one set with diamonds is even more so.

Diamond and emerald tiara

There are a few famous examples of diamond tiara’s that belonged to queens and princesses; a tiara truly is a royal gift is it not? The most expensive diamond tiara ever sold was part of the collection of Princess Katharina Henckel von Donnersmarck whose husband commissioned this emerald and diamond tiara around 1900.

It sold last year for 12,7 million dollar at the Sotheby’s Magnificent and Noble Jewels Sale. This diamond tiara is the most impressive piece seen at auction in over 30 years, this anticipation is one of the reasons for the high price, which is 2 million above the estimate.

Shizuka Diamond

Another famous example is the Shizuka Diamond. This diamond received the first name of the buyer’s wife, Shizuka. It was for the occasion of the auction at Christie’s set into a tiara. Due to the impressive size of the diamond, the Shizuka diamond weighs 101,27, this shield cut diamond would be far too large for a necklace, ring or earrings.

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