Diamond shaped chocolate | The best of two worlds can be experienced in Antwerp

Christmas is just a few weeks away and we’re all on the hunt for great gifts to give to loved ones. Sometimes you want to give them a large present, but often a small token is more appropriate. If you’re looking for something small that is sure to be appreciated

then you can’t go wrong with Belgian chocolates!

If there is one thing Belgium, and Antwerp, is known for aside from diamonds it’s chocolate. You can find some of the most amazing chocolatiers in Antwerp. Some are chain stores, but the true revelations come from the many artisanal chocolatiers that provide unique works of art that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Many chocolate lovers from across the world travel to Belgium just for some Christmas shopping, yes the chocolates are that good!

Diamond shaped chocolates


Of course, when it comes to chocolate shapes we do have a preference. Chocolate in the form of diamonds combines two worlds we love. But just like real diamonds, chocolate diamonds come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and flavors.

To find the perfect one we suggest you plan a visit to Antwerp and try the many flavors before making your final decision. To get you started on your hunt for the perfect gifts we’ll give you a few addresses in Antwerp that we know have delicious diamond shaped chocolates. If a trip to Antwerp isn’t quite possible at the moment you’ll find that several chocolatiers ship their chocolates internationally as well.

We’d like to start close to home. Del Rey is a chocolatier near the diamond district in Antwerp only a few minutes away from the Central Station (and our showroom). The taste of the chocolate is just as amazing as the shapes they come in. If you have a special request they’ll make chocolates in any shape you desire. They also combine chocolate with pastries with delicious results. If you have a sweet tooth this is definitely a great place to start your holiday in Antwerp.

Antwerp chocolate classics | Antwerpse Handjes

When we talk about amazing chocolatiers we can’t forget Chocolatier Goossens, this master of the chocolate arts is often stated to be among the very best in the world. Aside from diamond-shaped chocolates, this Antwerp chocolatier has many other Antwerp classics as well like the famous Antwerpse Handjes, which are a true example of craftsmanship!


In the historic center of the city, you can find even more chocolatiers. This is not really surprising, we do have over 2000 chocolatiers in our little country and most bakeries have home made chocolates as well! We’d like to specifically mention Chateau Blanc for its many flavors and amazing designs.

To discover even more chocolatiers you can visit VirtualTourist a site where people shared their experience with some of the best Antwerp chocolatiers. Of course, you could also take a walk through Antwerp discovering them for yourself!

Stadsfeestzaal | Chocolate and champagne bar

If you’re looking for a great experience we can also recommend the Stadsfeestzaal on The Meir. In this beautiful shopping center, you’ll find Neuhaus chocolates next to a champagne bar, an exquisite treat in an amazing location.



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