Diamond pendants and pearls are a match made in heaven!

The ideal pendant should be obvious but should at the same time not distract from your dress, earrings or the shape of your figure. One of the better combinations are diamond pendants with pearls, they combine the best the sea and the earth have to offer. We prefer diamond pendants with a pearl over complete pearl necklaces for the more subtle fashion statement they represent.

The value of a pearl: colour

There are a few factors which define the value of a pearl. Colour is an obvious first aspect to consider. Most pearls have a lighter colour like white or beige, darker pearls are far rarer. Only a select few oysters are capable of creating black pearls, hence a lower supply and thus higher prices are to be expected.

Luster of a pearl

Another aspect that’s important to consider is the luster of the pearl. Many large pearls are far less valuable than smaller ones based solely on how beautiful they shine. A dull pearl is boring, while a shining one can truly enhance the appearance of any piece of jewellery.

Pearl shape

Shape is a third important aspect. Perfectly round pearls with perfect symmetry are what most jewelers are looking for, they’re ideal for rings as well as pendants. Teardrop-shaped pearls are quite popular as well for use in pendants.

Timeless beauty

Pearls have been a part of fashion for centuries. Several thousand years ago the Egyptians already used pearls for their jewellery, it’s defintely a part of fashion with a rich history. For example the Russian crown jewels have a black pearl called the Azra in one of the most impressive pendants in the world.

Are you looking for a few examples of diamond pendants with pearls? Check out our Diamondland selection pendant section!

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