Diamond pendants, diamond earrings or diamond rings: diamond presents
man giving diamond gift in box to woman

Your girlfriend’s birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, … there is always an occasion to give a diamond as a present. Every girl or every woman likes diamonds! When you choose to buy a diamond, you can’t do anything wrong! But how to choose the right diamond? Do you prefer a diamond ring, diamond earrings or a diamond necklace?

Selecting the perfect diamond stone

Selecting the right diamond stone for a ring or a necklace is essential. To keep in mind: which type of diamond does your girlfriend, mother or wife like? An oval shape, or rather a round shape? What colour does she like? What fits to her daily outfits? Try to match the diamond with her personality and style! Set your mind and make a choice based on the 4 C’s: shape, size, colour and clarity.

Diamond pendants

One of the most romantic diamond pieces is a diamond pendant, in a heart shape or Cupido shape. At Diamondland you have several diamond shapes, diamond sizes, diamond colours and clarity. Take a look at the following pendants:

Diamond rings

A ring is round and has no end: the symbol of love. Especially engagement rings or wedding rings are popular.  We already pointed out the meaning of a diamond wedding ring: ‘Tears of God, fallen splinters of stars..the romantic souls among us undoubtedly will choose a diamond wedding ring. Some claim that the spears of Cupid are made of diamonds. Moreover, diamonds stand for eternity and immortality.’

Diamond earrings

Are you looking for a present for every occasion? Diamond earrings are your deal! You can wear them every day, at work, at a party or at home. Pick your colour and shape, and make someone happy!

Budget diamonds

On a tight budget? Diamondland also has a ‘young budget’ option, that offers diamond jewellery for a reasonable price. For example: here you can buy a diamond pendant with a pearl for € 1165 or without a pearl for € 712. A diamond deal!

Convinced? Visit our complete diamond collection on our website or in our shop in Antwerp!

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