Diamond Jewelry , directly from World Center Antwerp

Diamonds will be automatically associated with high class gold or platinum “haute joaillerie” or fine jewelry. For this very reason, next to the diamond businesses, the famous Antwerp World Diamond District has seen flourishing many diamond jewelry stores that compete in showing the most exquisite creations of classical and contemporary jewel designs in white gold, yellow gold or pink gold,but also in platinum or silver.

Besides the very reputable establishments , organized in ADJA or Antwerp diamond Jewelry Association, that will offer to you exquisite jewels of the best manufacturers and subsequently the best jewel brands, Antwerp has also a new generation of jewel designers who studied at the same Antwerp Royal Academy of Art as the fashion designers who are actually at the very top of world fashion business. They experiment with brand new designs regarding jewels as new concepts, creating new shapes using new materials. But finally they all come back to the traditional precious metals and precious stones that made Antwerp so highly regarded for the last 7 centuries.

What do you need to know before coming over to purchase a jewel?

First of all every piece of jewelry needs 2 official stamps: one is the official manufacturer’s stamp, the other one refers to the type of metal , for instance gold: the stamp has to mention 18k or 0.750 meaning that the alloy is made out of 75 % of pure gold, in accordance by the Belgian law that allows only 18k gold.  For platinum the official composition is 950/1000 and the stamp will mention PT950 .

Secondly, every jewel has to be certified by the jeweler with a detailed description including the description of the metal. The kind, color, weight and quality of the gems if any, has to be mentioned as well. The jewels might eventually be delivered with a certificate for the insurance mentioning the value for replacement by new. Don’t forget to ask for an official receipt or invoice that will make your purchase absolutely indisputable. In case of problems you are completely covered.

Any diamond of more than 0.50 ct should be certified by an international gemological laboratory of indisputable reputation. We do highly recommend 3 of them: The GIA, the HRD and the IGI.

Very important also is to ask for the company’s policy regarding the jewel guarantee. Officially, jewelers are not required to provide you any guarantee on jewels as these precious objects are neither mechanical nor electric or electronic. Nevertheless, the serious jewelry stores will give you practically life time free service, as they will try to persuade you to become a lifetime partner when it comes to buy these precious gifts. When making this type of purchase one should ask himself if the person at the other side of the counter deserves that long term trust or not. At all times, remember that you are not buying a price, but you are buying value!

A very important fact to keep in mind is that not everything that shines is gold or diamond. A diamond ring or any other piece of jewelry, from the simplest necklace to the most precious bracelet or earrings, are too valuable not to prepare thoroughly your visit.


Coming to Antwerp, with a specific intention to seal a key moment of your life like buying your engagement ring, your wedding bands or just to enjoy the pleasure of wearing pure crafted beauty, requires a minimum of caution. In all cases, preparation is the key to success, even when it comes to the most simple little souvenir jewel gift.  Gratifying yourself or your companion with a diamond jewel from Antwerp, will remain a lifetime exquisite experience if you know where to go and who to trust. This way you will obtain on top of all that, a well deserved peace of mind.

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