Diamond jewellery with coloured gemstones

Emerald green and deep Sapphire blue are trending colours. Two beautiful colours that can be combined with each other and with neutral colours. These fashion colours exist also in jewellery. But like everybody knows: diamonds are timeless. So why not combine fashion colours and diamonds for the perfect fashionable and beautiful jewellery?

Diamonds always make a beautiful contrast with coloured gemstones. Some amazing examples of how gemstones and diamonds enhance one and other.

Diamond jewellery with a green touch

Let’s start with the first fashion colour: green. Diamondland has a beautiful and unique pendant, the white golden pendant, that consists of diamonds and Tsavorites. The Tsavorite is a gemstone and is a very rare Chrystal that is mined in Tanzania and Kenya. The stone is recognizable by its very strong green color

Another green gemstone is the Emerald. The stone is colored green by trace amounts of chromium and vanadium. The Emaralds vary from yellow-green to blue-green, this special tone of green is one of the fashion colours of this season. You want a unique jewellery with an Emarald and diamonds? Visit Diamondland for your own, custom-made jewellery!


Blue sapphire and diamond

The second fashion colour is deep blue. The sapphire gemstone has a fine blue colour and may be described as a vivid medium-dark violet to purplish blue. The sapphire gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide. Commonly sapphires are worn in jewellery and it is no coincidence that the blue Sapphire goes really well with diamonds.



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