Diamond games 2011: great tennis, no diamonds?
woman tying shoe lace on tennis court

Every year we look forward to the Diamond Games in Antwerp. This tennis tournament is a highlight for sports fans in Belgium. It has a longstanding tradition of bringing the best women’s tennis has to offer to our little country.

In 2011 this will not be different, although the games get a slightly different name. They are to be called the Diamond Games with BNP Paribas Fortis referring to the bank that sponsors the event this year. The last few years the games were called the Thomas Cook Diamond Games and the Proximus Diamond Games.

The famous diamond racket

Antwerp is the city of diamonds, it’s only logical that one of our more prestigious sporting events bears an appropriate name. The name Diamond Games implies, however, far more than just that. Until 2009, a tennis player that could win the tournament three times within 5 years was to be given an exquisite golden tennis racket adorned with diamonds.
Only one person has achieved this in the history of the Diamond Games. In 2007 Amélie Mauresmo was able to take this piece of art home with her after 2 very close sets against our very own Kim Clijsters.

In 2005 Venus Williams was very close to winning this diamond racket, which is worth 1 million euro. Sadly she lost in three very close sets against the very same Amélie Mauresmo who was to take the racket 2 years later.

Diamond Games 2011

Since 2009 the Diamond Games hasn’t been an official WTA tournament. Instead, it has been transformed into an exhibition match for the greatest female tennis players of the moment to clash.

This year Kim Clijsters and Caroline Wozniacki will prove why both of them deserve to be called the world’s very best. The participants will be honored with a piece of art containing a few diamonds, we look forward to seeing this trophy as much as the match itself.

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