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Earrings and ear piercings are one of the oldest known forms of jewelry and body modification. The trend dates back to ancient Persia  or ancient Greece. Among sailors and nomadic tribes earrings used to have special meanings,  such as the symbol that the wearer had sailed around the world or had crossed the equator. Others claim that they were a symbol for slavery and ownership.In Western countries, earrings became popular in broad communities in the 1960s. They complete your look! People buy gold earrings, silver earrings or earrings made of other materials. However, the finest earrings that add elegance to any outfit are diamond earrings.

Diamond earrings – what makes them special?

Diamonds are known for their unique touch. Moreover, all diamond earrings come with a diamond certificate, that proves their uniqueness.

Are you looking for an investment? Forget about gold! Diamonds are your friend. These days, diamonds are not only a beautiful, they are also a good way to invest.

Buy diamond earrings

Finding diamond earrings on our website is simple with our online search facility that matches size, colour, cut and clarity. You can choose between loose diamonds or diamond jewelry.

Or pick your favourite colour and shape in our shop to make a fashion statement!

Diamondland is your specialist in diamond earrings and loose diamonds to create the perfect, personal diamond earrings.

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