Diamond Creole earrings

Looking for a beautiful pair of earrings? You should definitely go for Creole earrings set with diamonds. They will match every outfit and make your ears shine. An other advantage is that they are hinged earrings. You will never have to be afraid of losing them. The story of these special earrings and other advantages you can read below.

Recognize Creole Earrings by shape

You can recognize Creole earring by their shape. Creole earrings are hoop earrings that are broader at the bottom than at the top. So these are round or oval shaped earrings that most commonly are hinged earrings. Like said above, with these hinged earrings you never have to be afraid of losing them.

 Creole earrings, their story

You would wonder why they call it Creole earrings, well many years ago they were only worn by travelers. Usually they were made out of gold and gypsies worn them. When time passes by these Creole earrings became a fashion item and more people started wearing them. They are seen as classic, sophisticated and original jewellery.

 Modern Creole earrings

As said above Creole earrings were most commonly golden or sterling silver hinged earrings. They were set with pink, lavender and white cubic zirconia. When time passes by most things change. In this modern time there are also white golden Creole earrings set with diamonds. The result of these earrings set with brilliant cut diamonds? An unsurpassed light reflection right there on your ears.

 Fashionable diamond Creole earrings

The Creole earrings now are fashionable and the perfect accessory for the modern woman. An unique piece that can be combined with any outfit. These 18K white golden earrings are set with the best shaping quality of brilliant cut diamonds. It’s a beautiful diamond that will make your outfit complete. You will look astonishing while wearing them!

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