Diamond contact lenses: beauty is in the eye of the beholder
woman holding diamond before her eye

India is a diamond loving country: that’s for sure! The Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawan of the Shekhar Eye Research Center designed the world’s first diamond contact lenses! According the Daily Mail, the creator was inspired by the jewels in his wife’s teeth.

Diamonds + contacts = a match

The diamond encrusted contact lenses weigh 5 grams in total and sit between 6 and 9 mm away from the cornea. Worried about your health? Don’t be! The design will let true enough oxygen to the eye. Moreover, they can be customized!

If you would like to buy a pair of them, you’ll have to hurry, because only 3,996 will be made. On the other hand, there are plans to sell them outside India.


Next big thing in Hollywood/Bollywood?

Nothing to bling bling for Hollywood/Bollywood. Celebrities adore diamonds! We are keeping our eyes wide open and twinkle!

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