Diamond Colour

The diamond colour is one of the 4 most important characteristics of a diamond. When you want to buy one, keep in mind that the perfect diamond must be as colourless as possible. The colour grade describes the colour tones in a stone, that goes from colourless to yellow and brown tones. Other colours like pink or blue don’t follow the normal scale, because they are very rare. A diamond with a special colour or a colourless diamond will be more expensive than a diamond with an inferior grade.

Diamond colour grades

Colour is graded by comparison to masterstones under standardized artificial light, equivalent to northern daylight. This colour grade reflects the visible colouration. The less visible the colouration, the higher the colour rating. Most diamond have a yellow hue, which is not desirable.

Diamond Colour scale

The colour scale goes from D to Z and indicates yellow and brown tones. Distinguishing between the different shades is not simple, however a trained ‘diamond’ eye can define the colours.


D= exceptionally white
E= exceptionally white
F= rare white
G= rare white
H= white
I-J= slightly tinted white
K= tinted white
M, N-O, P, S-Z= tinted colour

Natural colour diamonds

On the other hand, pink, blue, red, and green diamonds are also found, but they are very rare and expensive. These fancy coloured diamonds don’t follow the normal colour scale and are priced separately.

The value of a colour

Exceptionally white diamond are very expensive, therefore it might be more interesting to buy diamonds that fall into the G-J range. Most people don’t even see the difference of those diamonds and colourless diamonds. The yellow tint is almost invisible.

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